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How This Works And Most FAQ By Brides and Grooms

Top Ten Questions Asked By Brides And Grooms

1.) How does this Can-A-Lope Weddings thing work? Some history on us, we have been in business for 10 years, have helped 1000’s of engaged couples in 43 states find the right wedding officiant. The process is pretty simple, you search for your officiant, then select an officiant, now you make reservations. You can search for an officiant by state or zip code of wedding. Once you find the right officiant and make reservations, then your officiant will call you within 48 hrs to discuss the details of your special day. A deposit or you can pay in full, is required by the officiant for them to lay aside your date and time on their calendar. If you would like to speak to the officiant or meet with them before booking, simply call us or fill the form below and leave us your information. We will call you ASAP. We have a local backup officiant in most major cities in case of an emergency. We take all major credit cards, PayPal, and of course checks for your deposit on our secure site. Counseling is not required. We guarantee availability, deposits are refundable if we don't have availability. For Questions Or To Make Your Reservations By Phone Call 1-877-560-6670
2.) How long will the ceremony last? 10-30 min depending on the type of ceremony requested. We perform non denominational, short and sweet, formal/semi formal and informal, elopement ceremonies at homes, parks, beaches at very unique locations of your choice.

3.) Can we talk to the officiant ahead of time? Yes, of course we just need your information to pass on to them, so he/she can call you. Simply request a phone call prior to making your reservations.

4.) Can we meet with the officiant before the wedding? Yes, of course, we usually meet at a local coffee shop close by. We love getting to know our brides and grooms. Of course this is optional.

5.) How much does it cost? It depends on whether or not it is an elopement 2-10 people, informal ceremony or a formal ceremony with or without a rehearsal and what city and state you are getting married.

6.) We are not very religious and we are curious what kind of ministers/officiants are these? All are professional, ordained/licensed to perform ceremonies in their areas, and most are non denominational, not bringing any religious preference to the ceremony. They count it a joy to work with all types of couples from all types of backgrounds. Divorced, 2nd or 3rd marriages okay and they are non-judgmental towards couples living together prior to marriage and those who already have children or pregnant mothers.

7.) Can I just have something short and sweet? Of course these types of ceremonies are usually 10-15 min at the most. Quick but sweet & romantic.

8.) Do you have a location you can recommend or do we need our own location? Because we do ceremonies at all types of locations, we can point you to an outdoor or indoor location, parks formal venues etc. and some of our ministers do have chapels, churches or venues they are connected to.

9.) Can we just get married in our home or a relative’s home? Yes in your home, a park, beach, prison, horseback ride, hot air balloon, cruise ships and whatever destination you can come up with.

10.) How does the marriage license work? You will need to get your marriage license from the local courthouse, both bride & groom need to be present, with 2 forms of ID, and of course bring the marriage license to the wedding. (No wedding ceremony will be performed without a license unless you have been previously married and already have a license.)

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