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Wedding Ceremonies Outline - Examples Of Special Requests

Services Included With Wedding Ceremonies:

  • 1. Optional Personal visit with bride and groom, (to get acquainted and answer your questions.)
  • 2. Unlimited email & telephone support.
  • 3. Provide you with many ceremony options so that you can personalize your wedding ceremony.
  • 4. Your wedding license officiated and registered.
  • 5. Free Wedding planner "Weddings 101" lots of great ideas for your wedding)
  • 6. Free Travel to your wedding location within 30 miles.

Sample Wedding Ceremonies Outline:

  • Processional:
  • (Optional) Who gives this bride to be married:
  • (Optional) Opening prayer, blessing, poem or reading:
  • Introduction:
  • Vow exchange (You can say your own vows):
  • The promises (The I do's & pledges):
  • Ring Exchange:
  • (Optional) Signing of the marriage license before family & friends:
  • (Optional) Poem, reading, special requests, unity candle etc:
  • Closing words:
  • Optional) Closing prayer, blessing, poem or reading:
  • Pronouncement:
  • Big big kiss:
  • Presentation of husband and wife:
  • Recessional:

Examples Of Special Requests: (see sample readings & inserts)

  • Unity candle or mixing sand symbolizing unity, blending of families:
  • Breaking of the glass: (Symbolizes the fragility of life)
  • Rose presentation to parents/children or family: (A single red rose means I love you)
  • Mention of children or family in Ceremony, Parental honoring: (Some couples will give their children a ring, medallion, bracelet, or say some special words to them or to family members in the ceremony)
  • Love poetry, blessings & readings:
  • The Cord Of 3 Strands: (see sample readings & inserts)
  • Blessing Of The Hands: (see sample readings & inserts)
  • Butterfly Release: (see sample readings & inserts)
  • Family Vows: (see sample readings & inserts)
  • Nature weddings & indian poems:

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